Эти фразы пригодятся вам при подготовке к разговорной части международных экзаменов по английскому языку. На экзамене от вас потребуется показать, что вы владеете мастерством спора и взаимодействия с собеседником на английском языке.


That's exactly how I feel.

No doubt about it.

You have a point there.

I was just going to say that.

You're absolutely right.


I agree with you entirely.

I totally agree with you.

There is no doubt about it that...

That's a good idea.

That's a good point.

That's just what I was thinking

Nobody could argue with that.

I couldn't agree more.

You've got a good point there. 

I couldn't have put it better myself...

You took the words right out of my mouth

I think we're on the same wavelength...

Yes, You've really hit the nail on the head...

I'm sure you're right. 

What a good idea!


Yes, I agree. 

That's exactly my view.

I completely/absolutely agree with you.

I am of the same opinion. 

I agree with you 100 percent.

That's so true.

That's for sure.


Частичное Согласие

I hadn't thought of that.

I can agree with that only with reservations.

That is not necessarily so.

I see what you mean but...

I can see your point but...

Yes, but isn't it the case that...

I see what you mean but...

Yes, but...

I don't entirely agree with you. 

I'm not sure about that.

There is some truth in what you say, but...

I agree to a certain extent.

That's true, but...

You're right, but...

You're right when you say (that)..., but what about...?

OK, that's true, but what about...?

That's an interesting point, but as I see it...

I agree with you in part, but…

Well, you could be right.

That’s partly true, but ...

Yes, you're probably right.

It is not as simple as it seems.

I agree with you in principle, but…



Not necessarily.

I don't think so.

No way

I cannot agree with this idea.

This is in complete contradiction to...

Are you sure about that? 

Absolutely not! 

I'm afraid I can't support you there.

I'm afraid I don't agree with you.

I don't think I would go along with that

Excuse me, but don't you think that...

That's not the way I see it

I don’t agree! 

I am of a different opinion because ...

I totally disagree!

I don't agree with you.

I’m sorry, but I disagree.

I cannot share this view.

What I object to is...

I have my own thoughts about that.

I'd say the exact opposite.

I beg to differ.

That's not always true.

That's not always the case.