Английские идиомы сравнения образуются при помощи союзов/предлогов AS или LIKE. Общий паттерн для таких идиом: глагол + LIKE + (прилагательное/наречие) + существительное

Примеры сравнительных идиом с предлогом LIKE

As like as not (probably) - вероятно

Avoid like the plague (to shun, or evade if at all possible) - бежать как от чумы

Bleed like a stuck pig (to bleed profusely) - истекать кровью

Breed like rabbits (to breed very rapidly, to have many children) - плодиться как кролики

Cry like a baby (to cry a lot) - плакать как ребенок

Cut like a knife (to sting severely, to be very sharp) - очень острый, резать как ножом

Drop like flies (die en masse, one after the other) - умирать как мухи

Drink like a fish (to drink alcohol heavily and in excess) - пить как сапожник

Eat like a bird (to eat in small amounts rather than in a single full meal) - есть как птичка, есть мало

Eat like a pig/eat like a horse (to chew noisily, with one's mouth open, or with much greed) - есть как свинья/жрать как лошадь

Fit like a glove (to be a perfect fit, to be exactly the right size) - подходить как перчатки, хорошо подходить

Float like a butterfly (to move effortlessly and in an agile fashion) - порхать как бабочка

Get on like a house on fire (to immediately start a good relationship with someone) - хорошие отношения с самого начала

Go down like a lead balloon (to be received negatively by others) - быть плохо принятым другими людьми

Go out like a light (to fall asleep quickly) - заснуть быстро

Grin like a Cheshire cat (to smile broadly, especially in a self-satisfied way) - улыбка Чеширского кота

Have a memory like a sieve (to have a poor memory; to have difficulty remembering things) - память как решето, плохая память

Kick like a mule (to have a very strong physical effect) - сбивать с ног

Laugh like a drain (to laugh with a loud, coarse sound) - громко смеяться

Laugh like a hyena (to laugh hysterically) - смеяться истерически

Leak like a sieve (full of holes) - течь как решето

Light as a feather (extremely light, having minimal weight) - легкий как перышко

Like a cat on a hot tin roof (jumpy, nervous) - вертеться как уж на сковородке

Like a lamb to the slaughter (helplessly and innocently, without knowing the unpleasant consequences) - агнец на заклание

Like a ton of bricks (very strongly; very heavily; often unexpectedly) - очень тяжело

Like feeding time at the zoo (extremely frenetic, disorderly and messy) - беспорядок, кутерьма

Like death warmed over (Ill, unwell) - краше в гроб кладут

Like crazy (to a great or excessive degree; with great speed, output, enthusiasm) - как безумный, сумасшедший

Like clockwork (with perfect regularity and precision; faultless) - работать как часы

Like chalk and cheese (two things that are different) - совершенно различный

Like a train (with unstoppable momentum) - нестись на всех парах, как поезд

Like a man (bravely, decisively and without complaining) - по-мужски, смело

Like a million dollars (extremely good or well) - на миллион долларов

Like a kid in a candy store (elated or excited as a result of having many options to choose from) - разбегаются глаза от выбора

Like a duck takes to water (very naturally; without effort) - без усилий, очень натурально

Like a dog with a bone (stubborn; persistent; relentless) - упрямый, стойкий

Like a dog on heat (very energetic and enthusiastic) - очень энергичный

Like a charm (very effectively) - очень эффективно

Like a bump on a log (idly, listlessly, or uselessly) - бездельничать, лежать как бревно

Like a bull in china shop (clumsy, aggressive, without care or concern, without self-control) - слон в посудной лавке

Like a bear with a sore head (very irritable; bad-tempered) - медведь с большой головой, раздраженный и злой человек

Like hot cakes (quickly, especially by purchase or consumption) - быстро, в мгновение ока

Like nobody's business (rapidly; excessively; like crazy) - быстро

Like rats from a sinking ship (away from a failing project) - бежать как крысы с тонущего корабля

Like riding a bike (said of skill that, once learned, is never forgotten) - навык, который невозможно забыть

Like shelling peas (repetitive, but very easy) - очень легко

Like shooting fish in a barrel (extremely easy) - очень легко

Like taking candy from a baby (easy to achieve) - очень легко

Like the back end of a bus (very unattractive) - безобразный

Like the clappers (Very hard or very rapidly) - очень быстро

Like the wind (quickly, at a high speed) - очень быстро

Like turkeys voting for Christmas (serving to bring about a situation detrimental to the person performing the action) - пчелы против меда

Like water off a duck's back (without immediate or lasting effects) - как с гуся вода

Like white on rice (inseparable; in very close proximity; following closely) - неразделимый

Out like a light (asleep or unconscious) - спящий

Read like a book (to be able to discern someone's thoughts from his or her body language or other behaviour) - читать человека как открытую книгу

Run around like a chicken with its head cut off/run around like a headless chicken (to act in a haphazard or aimless way; to act frantically or without control) - носиться как безумный

Run like a top (to operate smoothly) - работать как часы

Run like the wind (run very quickly) - быстрый как ветер

Sing like a bird (to have a beautiful singing voice/to reveal secrets) - сладко петь, раскрыть тайну

Sink like a stone (to completely fail) - пойти на дно камнем

Sleep like a baby (sleeping soundly) - спать как младенец

Swear like a trooper (to swear a lot; to utter many swear words) - ругаться как сапожник

Sweat like a pig (to sweat profusely, to be perspiring lots of sweat) - потеть как свинья, очень сильно потеть

Swim like a fish (to be a very strong swimmer) - плавать как рыба

Watch like a hawk (to observe closely and keenly) - наблюдать как ястреб, внимательно наблюдать