Memrise is an innovative way to learn English words online for free.
Memrise has designed a scientific method of learning that’s as simple and intuitive as possible, but above all, Memrise makes learning as fast as possible. Memrise breaks what you have to learn into little chunks; it helps you form clear memories, and it makes sure you never forget what you learn, with adaptively timed reminders and tests.
You are shown the words and definitions and Memrise spaced repetition system helps you learn new English vocabulary words more effectively.
You also see images and sentences under the words. These are called mnemonic devices and they help you associate the new word with something you already know or something that triggers and emotion in you.
Learning's a game. Whatever you are learning, the most important thing is to enjoy yourself. Learning English vocabulary with Memrise is a game you play with your friends.
Memrise is an open-source service (anyone can add content to the site) and people use Memrise to study for specific courses and specializations. There are over 300,000 courses on Memrise.


Language software packages can only supplement a course in a language school. A software package can help to memorize new words and practice familiar grammar. If you want English words and grammar rules to develop into a coherent speech, it is preferable to study in a reliable language school with professional native teachers.