English Today Lite is a free program that allows you to improve your English pronunciation, reading and listening skills by working with various tools and taking tests to evaluate your progress. It comes with a variety of exercises that can enhance your language speaking and pronunciation abilities.

Aiming to make the educational process more fun, it bundles a collection of puzzles and quizzes that test your ability of understanding the meaning of a phrase and evaluate your grammar, spelling or listening skills.
Enhance pronunciation and vocabulary skills.

Designed for both beginners and intermediate users, the integrated voice library comprises an wide assortment of words from various domains that can be spoken out loud using both female and male voices.

The vocabulary builder provides access to an extended dictionary that explains each word in detail and displays its grammatical category, while the integrated word processor can help you take notes and save them locally as a text file.

Using the English literature section you can enjoy reading some of the most famous stories and plays, such as 'Romeo and Juliet' or 'Oliver Twist'.
Learn English and practice to become a better speaker

English Today Lite is worth a try for all those who plan on learning English or simply want to practice. The Lite edition is cost-free for personal use and if you want more modules and words in the voice library, you can purchase the Professional version.



Language software packages can only supplement a course in a language school. A software package can help to memorize new words and practice familiar grammar. If you want English words and grammar rules to develop into a coherent speech, it is preferable to study in a reliable language school with professional native teachers.