Byki Express - is a free language-learning software.
Many other language learning programs start by teaching grammar. Byki Language Learning Software is different. It leverages the fact that adults learn foreign languages by collecting words and phrases in their memory, like items in a basket; that vocabulary is more fundamental than grammar.

That's why the best starting strategy for any language learner would be to quickly memorize a large number of frequently-used words, stock phrases, and common expressions. Byki is specially designed to help you quickly build a declarative reservoir in the language you are learning - with perfect recall.

Byki makes learning English a fun and addictive process, it is the fastest possible way to lock foreign words and phrases in your long-term memory. 

The Byki approach to learning languages:

  • Hear the language spoken by real native speakers. Slow down the native speaker sound
  • Read and see the language in its native form
  • Write words and phrases for stronger recall
  • Track and maintain your learned items with Byki's Intelligent Refresh System

Byki provides desktop software, online applications, free content, articles, and games, all of which can be accessed through


Language software packages can only supplement a course in a language school. A software package can help to memorize new words and practice familiar grammar. If you want English words and grammar rules to develop into a coherent speech, it is preferable to study in a reliable language school with professional native teachers.