The term phrasal verb is commonly applied to two or three distinct but related constructions in English: a verb and a particle and/or a preposition co-occur forming a single semantic unit. A phrasal verb is a verb plus a preposition or adverb which creates a meaning different from the original verb.
This semantic unit cannot be understood based upon the meanings of the individual parts in isolation, but rather it can be taken as a whole. Phrasal verbs that include a preposition are known as prepositional verbs and phrasal verbs that include a particle are also known as particle verbs.

This list shows 300 common Advanced level Phrasal Verbs


Act up - to behave awkwardly or badly
Answer back – to defend oneself
Answer for – to be responsible for sth
Back up – to support
Be down on – to be hostile to sb
Be in for it – to be about to receive punishment/trouble
Be in with – to be in favour with, share secrets with
Be into – to take an interest in sth
Be on – to be shown on television, at the cinema etc
Be out – to be extinguished, to be removed, to be absent, 
Be up to – to do, to depend on
Bear on – to be relevant to
Bear with – to tolerate
Bank on - to depend on
Bear out – to support the truth of
Blink at – to show surprise
Blow up – to explode
Break away - to escape from captivity
Break down – to fail to function, to lose control of feelings
Break in – to interrupt, to enter a building by force
Break out – to start suddenly, to escape
Break through – to make a discovery, to come out from behind cover
Break up – to end a relationship, to disperse
Brush up – to improve by study
Build up – to acquire gradually
Bring about – to cause
Bring in – to introduce (law, idea)
Bring off – to succeed in
Bring on – to cause an illness
Bring out – to publish
Bring round/to – to cause sb to regain consciousness
Bring up – to stop, to mention a subject, to vomit, to raise a child
Call at – to visit briefly
Call back – to ask to return
Call for – to need, to demand
Call in – to consult
Call off– to cancel
Call out – to cause to go on strike
Call up – to conscript
Carry off – to succeed in doing smth difficult
Carry on – to continue, to behave wildly
Carry out – to fulfil or perform sth
Carry over – to last from another time
Carry through – to complete sth in spite of difficulties
Catch at – to try to hold on use sth
Catch on – to become popular
Catch up – to reach sb who is ahead
Chip in – to add one’s share of money
Clear away – to remove
Clear of – to find innocent
Clear off – to run away
Clear out – to get rid of unwanted things
Clear up – to brighten (of the weather)
Charge to – to record sth as a debt to be paid by sb
Charge with – to accuse sb of sth
Come about – to happen
Come across – to find sth or meet sb by chance
Come by – to obtain sth
Come down to – to be passed to sb
Come in – to become fashionable
Come into – to inherit
Come off – to succeed
Come on – to progress
Come out – to become known, to be published
Come out in – to develop
Come over – to happen, to have a result or effect on sb
Come round to – to change one’s opinion, to persuade
Come up – to grow
Come up with – to have an idea about a way to solve a problem
Deal in – to trade in sth
Deal with – to tackle a problem, to cope with
Do away with – to abolish
Do down – to criticise
Do out of – to deprive of
Do up – to fasten (a coat ect)
Do with – to tolerate
Do without – to manage in spite of lack
Drive at – to imply
Check in – to register as a guest at a hotel
Check out – to pay one’s bill and leave a hotel
Cut back – to reduce (outgoings)
Cut down on – to reduce
Cut into – to interrupt sth
Cut off – to isolate, to disconnect
Cut out – to omit
Draw in – to shorten
Draw on – to use part of a reserve
Draw out – to extend
Drop in – to visit unexpectedly
Drop off – to decrease
Drop out – to withdraw
Fall back – to retreat
Fall for – to fall in love with sb
Fall in – to collapse
Fall in with – to agree to
Fall off – to decline
Fall on – to attack
Fall out with – to quarrel
Feel for – to sympathise
Fit in – to mix well with others
Fly at – to attack
Head off – to prevent
Join up – to become a member of the military
Get about – to move about, to spread (news)
Get across – to make understood
Get ahead – to succeed
Get along/on – to be on friendly terms with
Get at – to mean
Get away with – to escape punishment
Get by – to manage despite difficulties
Get down – to depress
Get off – to send
Get off with – to nearly escape punishment
Get out of – to avoid
Get over – to recover from
Get round – to persuade
Get round to – to find time
Get through – to contact by phone
Give up – to surrender
Give away – to reveal, to give freely as a present
Give in – to deliver, to yield
Give off – to send out or emit sth
Give out – to come to an end, to announce
Go down – to be received in a specified way
Go down with – to become ill
Go for – to be sold
Go in for – to take part in
Go into – to investigate
Go off – to explode
Go on – to happen
Go round – to be enough for everyone to have a share
Go through – to suffer, to examine sth closely
Go up – to be built
Go with – to be included in the price
Hold back – to prevent development, to delay
Hold in – to control (feelings)
Hold off – to keep at a distance, to delay
Hold on – to wait
Hold out – to last, to endure
Hold over – to postpone to a later date
Hold up – to rob (ex. a bank), to delay
Be kept in – to detain after normal hours
Keep back – to hide
Keep in with – to continue to be friendly
Keep on – to continue doing sth
Keep to – to follow
Keep up with – to stay at an equal level with
Land in – to get into trouble, difficulties etc.
Land up – to end (ex. difficulties)
Lay into – to attack
Lay off – to stop doing sth irritating
Lay out – to spend
Let down – to disappoint, to lower sth
Let on – to reveal a secret
Let out – to make ( a garment) looser or lager, to utter a cry
Let sb through – to allow sb to pass an exam or a test
Let up – to become less strong
Lead on – to persuade sb to believe by making false promises
Live on sb/sth – to depend upon support
Live through – to experience over time
Live up to – to reach the standard that may be expected
Live with – to tolerate/accept sth and endure
Look after – to take care of
Look ahead – to think about the future
Look at – to read
Look back – to think about one’s past
Look down on – to despise
Look for – to search for
Look in – to pay a short visit
Look into – to investigate
Look on – to watch sth without taking part
Look out – to watch out, be careful
Look out for – to search in order to find sth
Look over – to examine
Look to – to rely on sb
Look up – to search for a word in a book, to visit
Look up to – to respect
Make at – to attack
Make for – to head for
Make out – to complete sth, to claim to be, to understand
Make over – to transfer the ownership od sth
Make up – to invent (a story), to compensate for sth
Make up for – to compensate 
Meet with – to be received in a particular manner
Miss out – to forget to include
Move on to – to change subject
Narrow down – to limit choices
Note down – to write from speech
Pass over – to overlook, fail to notice
Pass over to – to hand
Phase out – to slowly replace
Piece together – to reassemble
Put about – to spread (rumours)
Put across – to communicate
Put aside – to save for later use
Put away – to put into confinement
Put back – to delay
Put down – to write in a particular place
Put forward – to suggest
Put in – to make an official request
Put in for – to apply for
Put off – to discourage from liking
Put on – to gain weight, to pretend, to advance, to clothe oneself
Put out – to extinguish
Put sb up – to give accommodation to
Put through – carry sth out
Put up with – to tolerate
Rise up – to rebel
Rule out – to exclude
Run across – to find by chance
Run after – to pursue
Run away – to leave (home, school)
Run away with – to steal sth and carry it away
Run behind – to be delayed
Run down – to criticise, to run sb down (with a vehicle)
Run in – to use a new vehicle carefully
Run into – to meet by chance, to collide with
Run off – to produce quickly
Run out off – to exhaust the supply of sth
Run through – to rehearse, to use up
Run up – to accumulate
See about – to make arrangements for
See off – to accompany a traveller to the train, plane etc
See out - to accompany sb to an exit
See over – to inspect properly
See through – not to be deceived
See to – to take care of 
Settle down – to live a more permanent life-style
Settle for – to accept sth
Settle in – to become used to a new house or job
Settle on – to decide on
Settle up to pay (a debt, a bill)
Set about – to begin
Set aside – to save for a special purpose
Set back – to hinder, to cost
Set in – to begin
Set off – to start a reaction, to begin a journey
Set on – to cause to attack
Set out – to begin a task/job
Set up – to establish a record, to start a business, to erect
Stand by – to remain loyal to sb, to be ready for action
Stand down – to resign from a position
Stand for – to support sth, to tolerate
Stand in for – to replace temporarily
Stand out – to be conspicuous/obvious
Stand up for – to defend, support
Stand up to – to defend oneself against
Take aback – to surprise
Take after – to look like a relative
Take against – to dislike sb
Take away – to remove
Take back – to withdraw a statement or comment
Take down – to write down
Take in – to deceive, to understand, to make clothes smaller
Take off – to remove (clothing), to leave the ground, to begin to succeed
Take on – to undertake, to employ
Take out – to extract, to remove, to accompany
Take over – to take control of sth
Take sb for – to mistake sb/sth for sb/sth else
Take to – to find agreeable, to like, to begin a habit, to escape to
Take up – to begin a hobby, sport etc
Take up with – to become involved in
Talk about – to gossip about, to consider
Talk at – to speak to sb without listening to his replies
Talk back – to reply rudely
Talk down to – to speak to sb as if they are less clever than oneself
Talk into – to conceive sb to do sth
Talk out – to settle a problem by talking
Talk round – to persuade sb to agree to sth
Tell against – to show negative evidence
Tell apart – to distinguish
Tell off – to scold
Think of – to take sth into account
Think out – to produce by thinking
Think over – to reflect upon sth before making a decision
Think up – to invent or devise sth
Turn away – to refuse admittance
Turn down – to reject an offer, to reduce heat
Turn in – to go to bed, to report to the authorities
Turn into – to convert
Turn off – to switch off
Turn on – to switch on
Turn out – to produce, to assemble as a crowd, to prove to be
Turn over – to turn a page, to fall on one side
Turn to – to go to sb for help
Turn up – to arrive, to increase
Throw about – to scatter sth
Throw away – to discard sth as useless
Throw off – to escape from
Throw over – to abandon
Throw sb out – to force sb to leave
Throw up – to give up, to vomit
Try on – to try the fit (of clothes)
Try out – to test
Wear away – become thin, damaged, weat
Wear off – to disappear gradually
Wear out – to use until useless, to exhaust
Work on – to be occupied
Work out – to find a solution, to turn out successfully
Work up – to develop, to excite, to advance